Blogging Intentions

Let it be known that this blog is NOT made out of spitefulness or revenge, but a rather a chance to be heard; a chance to make a difference in workplaces that think they can get away with treating employees with zero respect and not taking responsibility for their actions. We have the right to speak our mind in unfair situations in order to make a difference for the future.

Over the years I’ve witnessed racial slurs with Hooter Girls and Cooks, inappropriate comments on my personal endeavors , jabs made at the financial security of my family,  and have been talked down to and mocked to point where management tried to diminish self-esteem. Management has expressed that Hooter Girls are nothing but pure entertainment to customers and we come a dime a dozen. I’ve heard over and over again that we are not considered to be working in a place we can call a “real job”. We have worked too hard and have put in way too many hours into this corporation to stand back and play a victim.

It’s time to make a difference. It’s time to make an example of this particular corporation and will fight for everyone who has felt the same way.