When I went to pick up my last check….

Last night I made my way over to my old store location to pick up my last check. As I pulled up to the store I noticed my former manager, Charei, standing in the front with a couple of my former-employees.

As I barely made my way into the building Charei quickly darted towards me asking me “do you need help with anything”, as if I was a complete stranger that was unwelcome in the restaurant. This is humorous to me that all of a sudden I was considered a ‘stranger’ because I have decided to voice my opinion about the matter that has happened in the past week.


I proceeded to tell her I would like my paycheck. As I was following behind her, as all employees and former employees would do, in order to sign the book saying you received your check, she whipped around and told me she would get it and there’s no need to follow her.


I received my check and made my way out of the building. One of my former employees came out to say goodbye to me, and Charei immediately raced outside telling him to come back into the building. Cooks can take breaks when the restaurant is slow and for Charei to demand he come back into the building because he was associated with me is just plain rude. If an employee was outside smoking on their break, I highly doubt she would tell them to come inside.


To be treated as if I have never worked there is completely insulting; I was there almost every day working 40 hours a week. And I certainly did not appreciate a hostile attitude from a manager I used be friendly with while we worked together. We would constantly sit in the back exchanging stories with one another and I would constantly be doing favors for her by helping her out with the restaurant when it was busy. And let’s not forget, this manager sat me down with Dave Peterson and personally told me I have done nothing wrong, then was part of my termination a few days later. I was wrongfully terminated, and I have the right to speak my opinion.    


Good Talk This Morning…?

This morning I had a very condescending, rude conversation with Cheryl Tyler. 

She expressed to me that I have every right in the world to be mad / upset about my termination and stated to me that my termination is not reversal. Why would anybody even want to even go back to working for a corporation that has no problem treating their employees this way? I sure wouldn’t, and certainly never expressed to her that I would want my job back. I did express to her that a blind man could see that I was fired over spite for my discrimination report; nobody from Hooters has given me any other valid reason. 

Blogging Intentions

Let it be known that this blog is NOT made out of spitefulness or revenge, but a rather a chance to be heard; a chance to make a difference in workplaces that think they can get away with treating employees with zero respect and not taking responsibility for their actions. We have the right to speak our mind in unfair situations in order to make a difference for the future.

Over the years I’ve witnessed racial slurs with Hooter Girls and Cooks, inappropriate comments on my personal endeavors , jabs made at the financial security of my family,  and have been talked down to and mocked to point where management tried to diminish self-esteem. Management has expressed that Hooter Girls are nothing but pure entertainment to customers and we come a dime a dozen. I’ve heard over and over again that we are not considered to be working in a place we can call a “real job”. We have worked too hard and have put in way too many hours into this corporation to stand back and play a victim.

It’s time to make a difference. It’s time to make an example of this particular corporation and will fight for everyone who has felt the same way.

Corporate Unaware

//  Interesting Fact //

When Hooter Girl was fired, management blamed it on corporate.

Hooter Girl got in touch with corporate and they were shocked about the termination of employees 

It’s a ‘he said’ ‘she said’ type of deal. NOT professional.


Discrimination Report

These are a list of just SOME of the complaints filed on Tuesday, November 12

  • Many employees the work at Hooters have children. If you are an African American employee, Dave Peterson has no problem speaking his mind about his opinion on child support:

“Maybe if you didn’t have ten kids, you wouldn’t have child support taken out of your checks.”


  • Dave Peterson implements a different set of rules for different employees. For example:

I, an African American employee, went up to Hooters one time to eat and watch a football game. While drinking a soda at a table I chose to sit at the back of the restaurant, Dave Peterson stated that I must leave within 45 minutes, escorted me out of the building, and told me I can sit at the outside bar to continue watching the game.

With this above statement being said, Dave Peterson allows his favorite white cooks to sit not only inside the restaurant after their shifts, but allows them to drink until closing, well after the 45 minute rule.


  • Dave Peterson will deny you the opportunity to apply for a key employee if you are an African American

Around a year ago, Dave Peterson was complaining that he has had to work long hours making him physically exhausted because they were short on managers. I, an African American employee, had asked Dave to read over my resume to be a key holding employee, stating that I would be able to help around the store whenever he needed. In turn, he looked at me and said no because I worked in the same store location with my girlfriend. I told Dave I would be a key employee for the exact same pay-rate and he just shook his head and said he wouldn’t even look at my resume.Less than a week later, Dave Peterson promotes a white cook to the key holding management position whose fiancé worked at the same store location as he did. Two weeks later, this recently promoted employee had failed his drug test resulting in demotion and returned back to the kitchen as a cook.


  • If you are an interracial couple working at the Hooters Marana location, expect to be treated differently by Dave Peterson

During various nights this interracial couple worked together, they were unable to speak even a word to each other without getting scolded. This is cause for concern because there have been other couples, white couples, that have worked at the same location that are able to caress each other, kiss each other, and hold hands with each other on the clock. 


Employees Terminated After Writing Discrimination Report


An interracial couple submits an 11-page discrimination report regarding snide comments made over the past couple years. Two days later the Hooters management team or more specific, DAVE PETERSON, terminates both of them stating they have disrupted business practices. 

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